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Tutoring on Int-learn is a convenient and flexible way of earning income, mentoring others, and gaining work experience.

How it works

Joining us

tutor application stage one application form

Stage 1 - Apply through our website:

Once your application form has been submitted, our team will carefully consider your application to see if you are a good match for us.

Stage 2 - Online interview.

You will be invited to an online interview by email. You can expect the interview to last for 60 minutes, and to answer mostly competency-based questions to further assess how well you will fit in the role as well as assessing your ability to break down concepts within the subject(s) that you want to tutor.

tutor application stage three welcome to Int-learn

Stage 3 - Welcome to Int-learn!

Upon acceptance, you will receive an email from us with details on how to log in to your Int-learn tutor account as well as how to use its main functions. After your tutor profile and timetable are set up, you will be ready to start teaching!

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Why Us?

We offer an unparalleled package of convenience and flexibility. Whether you are working professionally and looking to make a bit extra on the side, or a full-time student hungry to start earning and help others along the way, tutoring on Int-learn is the solution.

Full list of tutor benefits:

  • Earn money - receive a pay rate (starting at US$35 after commission) above the standard rate. You also have the potential to increase your hourly pay based on performance.
  • Convenience - teach in the comfort of your own home, saving both the time and expenses of travelling that is involved in face-to-face tutoring. Let Int-learn take care of the student search process to save time.
  • Flexibility - build your tutoring commitments around your schedule. Decide whether you want to teach for only one hour a week, multiple hours and sessions or make it a full time job.
  • Work as much as you like, and not any more - have the freedom to choose your own working hours. We do not have a minimum for commitment hours.
  • Enrich your resume - demonstrate your mastery of communication skills, interpersonal skills and time management on top of teaching ability.
  • Network through Int-learn - expand your network by attending Int-learn’s networking events and be part of a rapidly expanding global company that strives to modernize and reshape education.
  • we want highly competent and enthusiastic tutors

    Who We're Looking For

    We are searching for highly competent and enthusiastic tutors from elite institutions with a passion for mentoring younger students.

    Int-learn tutors have:

  • Strong academic backgrounds
  • Interest in helping others through mentorship and education
  • Enthusiasm interacting with people from different cultures
  • The ability to break down complex concepts
  • Strong communication and engagement skills
  • Excellent time-management and organizational skills
  • Please have a look at the list of key universities where we are currently recruiting. If your institution is not on the list, please do not be discouraged. We do accept exceptional candidates and will also be expanding this list in the future. Send us an email titled “Exceptional Applicant” at service@int-learn.com to let us know!

    Target Schools

    United Kingdom

    Cambridge University

    Oxford University

    King's College London

    Imperial College London

    London School of Economics

    University College London

    University of Edinburgh


    McGill University

    University of Toronto


    Australian National University

    Melbourne University

    University of New South Wales

    University of Sydney

    United States

    Brown University

    California Institute of Technology

    Columbia University

    Cornell University

    Duke University

    Johns Hopkins University


    Northwestern University


    Princeton University

    Stanford University

    UC Berkeley



    University of Chicago

    University of Michigan Ann Arbor

    University of Pennsylvania

    Yale University

    Tech Specs

    In order to provide the optimal learning experience, all tutors must have the following:

    high speed internet for online tutoring

    High-speed internet

    Your internet download and upload speeds must both be a minimum of 500 kbps. However, the faster the better!

    fast and reliable computer for online tutoring

    A fast and reliable computer

    Int-learn online classroom can be accessed through a desktop, laptop or tablet in a suitable browser. Your computer must have at least 1GB of RAM and have a 1GHz processor or better.

    integrated microphone or headphones for online tutoring

    Integrated microphone or headphones

    You will need an integrated microphone or headphones with an attached microphone.

    webcam for online tutoring


    Nowadays most computer devices have a webcam built in. If yours does not, you will need to purchase an external webcam.

    optional external stylus to draw diagrams for students

    Stylus (highly recommended)

    For tutors, we highly recommend investing in an external stylus writer as it will make it that much easier to draw diagrams for your students.










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