學歷:McGill University
Tony老師在台灣出生,但是小時候移民到北美,在美國及加拿大長大,高中時回台灣,就讀台中的馬禮遜美國學校 (Morrison Academy),之後從加拿大的 McGill University畢業,主修心理學,輔修語言學。他是一位熱衷於幫學生成功的老師。包含夏令營、學校課堂、單班課等,Tony老師在各種環境累積了教育經驗,尤其精通英語、數學、SAT考試準備。他特別重視老師和每位學生成立的好關係,以創造豐富的課程,引導學生達到理想的成績。
Tony was born in Taiwan, but moved to North America at a young age, spending his developmental years in the United States and Canada. He then moved back to Taiwan for high school, attending Morrison Academy in Taichung, before graduating from McGill University in Canada, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Linguistics. As a teacher, Tony is passionate about helping students succeed. He has accumulated teaching experience in a variety of contexts, from summer camps to school classrooms to one-on-one sessions, specializing in English, Math, and SAT prep. Tony takes care to build rapport with each student in order to facilitate a more fruitful learning experience, and caters his teaching style to fit what they need to flourish.