學歷:UC Berkeley
來自加州的Christian,於2017年定居台灣。除了SAT/ ACT/ ISEE/ SSAT/ IB/ AP外,對於細胞和分子生物學有著獨特的教學方式讓學生能以有趣的方式理解。Christian致力於幫助學生申請理想大學、協助學生填寫申請書並準備入學考試。在加入AEI之前,曾經在私立學校教導學生的SAT及AP考試,並在國立台灣大學擔任助教幫忙輔導學生的生物化學課程。
Christian is from California and grew up near San Fancisco. He has been living in Taiwan since 2017. He is enthusiastic about helping students understand con-cepts in science(particularly cell and molecular biology),and helping students to accomplish their academic goals. In particular, Christian is passionate about assisting students in achieving their goals for university by preparing them for college applications and admissions tests. Priot to joinging ACI, Christian worked as an SAT and AP tutor for high school students at a pricate company in Taipei, and served as a volunteer teaching assistant in the biological chemistry development at National Taiwan.