第一階段 •您的抱負和目標
AEI亞美留學諮詢團隊會根據您未來鎖定的目標來作出專業的規劃。 無論您是想入讀全球排名前10的大學,還是想進入夢想中的學校,我們能確保您在申請目標大學的過程中是順利的。

1. Your Ambitions and Goals
We design your program around your specific aims for the future. Whether you aspire to attend a global top 10 university or strive to achieve entry into the school of your dreams, you can feel comfort in our process that is specifically designed to help you reach your goal university.

第二階段 •量身訂製的計劃

2. A Customized Plan
Our team will provide a customized study plan and list of goals that you can follow step-by-step without feeling overwhelmed. We will also help you to organize key dates and deadlines for your applications to keep you on top of the application process.

第三階段 •指導和資源的提供
找到理想的學校是每個人必經歷的一段旅程,我們強烈建議您在過程中要對自己負責。 但是,AEI亞美留學諮詢團隊非常樂意根據您的興趣、愛好和學術目標,與我們的大學數據庫分析並提供結果,為您規劃能達到理想的學校進行資源及指導計劃,包括課外活動的規劃及競賽等。我們會一起共同努力並朝著規劃邁進。

3. Provision of Guidance and Resources
Finding your dream school is a personal journey and we will strongly encourage you to take ownership of this part of the process. However, our team is more than happy to provide guidance in finding your dream school by matching your interests, preferences, and academic targets to our database of colleges. We will then work together to refine this shortlist.

第四階段 •申請論文指導
每年大學入學申請都會收到數千份申請。 除了您的學業成績,課外活動和入學考試成績亦非常重要。而大學論文和個人陳述,更是大學用來篩選適合的學生的工具。
我們不會完全為您撰寫論文,但AEI亞美留學諮詢團隊會協助您計劃論文中所包括的內容,並提供重要的反饋意見,以幫助您進一步完善論文。 這部分服務對於希望申請美國和英國的學生特別有用。

4. Application Essay Guidance
College Admissions receive thousands of applications every year. Granted your academic results, extra-curriculars, and entrance exam results are still very important. However, they will only get you so far. College essays and personal statements are what universities use to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Although we cannot write your essay for you, we can help you plan what to include in your essays and provide important feedback to help you refine your essays further. This part of the service is particularly useful for those hoping to apply to the US and the UK.

第五階段 •後續步驟

5. Next Steps
Our service goes beyond just helping you prepare and apply for colleges around the world. We will also be here to further assist you with any questions that you may have after you have accepted entry into a school of your choice. Organizing moving abroad and starting university can be quite a stressful process for the whole process. We will help answer any questions that you may have about applying for Student VISAs, starting college, and organizing yourself for higher education.

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