Judy Z(XIS)



Kang Chiao

AEI亞美教育為學生提供最好的英語課程。 無論哪一天或甚麼時候,像我這樣的學生總是在下課後覺得很開心。 更重要的是,學生們在語法和寫作等各個方面都得到了提高。 隨著學生的知識水平提高,作業也變得越來越困難,但完成作業總有很大的收獲和回報。 AEI亞美教育的老師都很好,很友善。 他們可以在線或面對面授課,在這兩種類型的課程中,老師都妥善準備教材供學生學習。 在AEI亞美教育,學生們不僅學會流利的英語口語,還能流利地寫出各種論文-從說服性論文到比較性論文。
AEI offers the best English classes to its students. No matter what day or what time it is, kids like me always end up laughing after class. More importantly, kids get to improve in various areas, such as grammar and writing. Even though the homework gets harder as kids grow more knowledgeable, the homework still pays off a lot. The teachers are nice and friendly. They can teach either online or offline. In both types of classes, the teacher prepares teaching materials for students to follow. At AEI, kids not only learn to be fluent in speaking English, but also fluent in writing all sorts of essays - from persuasive essays to comparison essays.
Alex's Mom (Janice)
AEI亞美教育是專業的教育組織,可提供最新最出色的指導。你可以完全信任顧問、老師和工作人員, 他們總像父母一樣照顧學生。 每當您遇到問題時,他們都會竭盡所能為您提供幫助。 AEI亞美教育是我們學習的第一選擇。
AEI is a professional educational organization that provides you with excellent up-to -date direction, you can fully trust the administrators, teachers and staffs. They care students as parents do. Whenever you come up with an issue, they would do their best to help you. AEI would be our No.1 choice for study.
I learned a lot from the class.I took SAT reading and writing right now.Teacher Katherine, who is my teacher, understands a lot of the students’ personalities or the ability of each student and always thinks about how to improve our SAT score or even English ability.She is also a hard-working person and I really appreciate her.Also for the entire school, I really satisfy it.The book or papers that we will have every day or even the environment.Thank you so much:)
AEI亞美教育幫助我成就卓越的學術成就,取得極為優秀的成績。 通過AEI亞美教育頂尖老師們的輔助,在參加標準化考試上,我獲得了更多信心和技巧,並且在學業上也超越了我的同齡同學。 AEI亞美教育就像一座橋樑,把學生與未來的機會連接起來。
AEI has helped me improve tremendously in terms of helping me achieve academic excellence during my time at the institution. Through working with their top-tier teachers, I was able to gain more confidence and skill in taking standardized tests, as well as outperform my peers in school. AEI is just like a bridge connecting the student to a train of opportunities in the student’s future.
Grace Zhang (G.Z) - XIS
Alex 是一位熱情而親切的老師,他培養了我對化學的興趣。對於艱深難明、令人困惑的課題,Alex總能透過講解,把內容變得更容易理解。 如果沒有AEI,這個學期我無法取得目前的優良成績。感謝AEI!
Alex is a passionate and kind teacher that has helped me grow my interest in chemistry. His explanations always manage to make even the most confusing subjects understandable. Without AEI’s classes, I would not be able to achieve what I have accomplished this school year. Thank you AEI
Vincent Bai - V.B (XIS)
Christian老師的課堂總是很有趣,他非常有見地。他的課堂能增加我對IB生物學的知識,對生物學科有更深入、更詳細的了解,並以有趣的方式教授知識。Alex老師的教學能力很強,他能用最簡單的語言解釋最複雜的知識。他能幫助我釐清清問題,並為我的IB課程和考試做好準備。 老師的想法很有見地,他親切友好的性格也使課程更輕鬆。 謝謝AEI。!
Classes with teacher Christian are always interesting and insightful. His classes allowed me to understand the knowledge with more depth and details, strengthening my ability in IB biology and making it extra interesting. Teacher Alex has the ability to explain the most complex knowledge with the simplest language. He helped me with clarifying my problems and preparing me for my classes and exams. His friendly persona makes the classes light and insightful. Thank you AEI.!
Wendy Wu-W.W (Repton)
我非常感謝有Alexander, Christian,Ceci and Regina作為我的老師。 沒有他們,我可能無法度過我一生中最艱難的一年。 有這些優秀的老師的鼓勵,更堅定了我入讀倫敦帝國理工學院的決心!
I am so grateful for having Alexander, Christian,Ceci and Regina as my teachers. Without them, I might not be able to go through the toughest year in my life. Having these wonderful teachers cemented my determination in getting into Imperial College London.