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How It Works
Tech specs技術要求技术要求
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How It Works

Int-learn is simple to use:

1Sign up註冊注册

fill in information about yourself.填寫關於你自己的信息。填写关于你自己的信息。

2Find and schedule tutors找老師找老师

let us know what type of tutor you are looking for (our smart matching algorithm will find the most fitting tutors for you).

3Book a class

our online timetabling system allows you to arrange classes quickly and easily.

4Receive guidance

your tutor will personalize your class to cater to your needs.

Achieve your goals!實現你的目標实现你的目标

admission to elite colleges
Get Started開始开始

Our Services

Find and Schedule Tutors

Our search system will help you find a tutor suited to your specific needs. Just let us know what subject and what level you need to be tutored in and we can help you with the rest!

If you want more choices, you can filter tutors with more filters and Int-learn will match you.

Search For a Tutor Now!

Interactive Online Whiteboard

Take classes from tutors located all over the world in a safe and convenient virtual environment and have classes that are catered to your needs. Our interactive whiteboard has features including audio, video, chat, file sharing, annotation functions, equation editing, and a media web player. You will be able to seamlessly learn from your tutor without losing the aspect of forming a personal connection.

Why Us

Bringing elite tutors to you

We only take applications from tutors who are attending or have attended prestigious institutions globally and we put applicants through a challenging interview process. We filter our applicants based on not only their academic track records, but also on their competencies for this job.

online tutoring with no geographical boundaries

A lack of geographical boundaries

Online learning gives students access to high-calibre tutors around the globe with just one click, which is ideal for students that may otherwise not be able to access the best educational resources.

safe environment for virtual learning

Safe environment

Online tutoring is very safe. You do not have to worry about letting a stranger into your home. On the rare chance that something goes wrong, you can disconnect from the class and report an incident.

flexibility in scheduling class

Time flexibility

Learn any time, anywhere. Online learning will also help with time management by allowing you to use your free time efficiently. You can use any gaps in your schedules to improve your grades.

flexibility in scheduling class

Exclusive information sessions and workshops

We host information sessions and workshops addressing topics such as university applications, preparing your child for standardized testing, and tips for transitioning to a new country.

tutors rigorously assessed

Our Tutors

We select our tutors based on strict criteria. This is an overview of our screening process:

  1. We only accept applications from elite institutions, which we define as being the top 50 universities in the world (currently including the US, UK, Canada and Australia)*.
  2. We screen potential tutors for credentials in the subjects that they want to teach on Int-learn. We hold high standards and only accept tutors with high-scores in standardized exams at high levels or awards.
  3. We assess tutors for teaching abilities. This includes assessing for the ability to explain complex concepts by breaking them down into digestible pieces of information. Furthermore, we look for passion. We ensure that our tutors know how to guide students through problems as opposed to doing the work for them.
  4. Lastly, we assess applicants for suitable personality traits. We look for highly enthusiastic and friendly tutors that will allow our students to develop penchants for learning.

*Please note that university rankings do change every year and vary between ranking systems. Int-learn tries its best to keep within the ranges mentioned above, but please be advised that some years, some universities may fall below these rankings.


Int-learn currently accepts payment by all major credit cards and debit cards. Please note that while prices are displayed in US dollars, all payments will be charged in New Taiwan Dollars. Payments will be converted to your currency by your bank. Thus, please be aware that currency fluctuations and exchange rates may impact the actual amount charged.

Tech Specs技術要求技术要求

In order to provide the optimal learning experience, all students should have the following:

high speed internet for online tutoring

High-speed internet

Download and upload speeds must both be a minimum of 500 kbps.

fast and reliable computer for online tutoring

A fast and reliable computer一台快速可靠的電腦一台快速可靠的电脑

Your device must have at least 1GB of RAM and a 1GHz processor. The Int-learn classroom can be accessed through a desktop, laptop or a tablet.您的設備必須至少有1GB的RAM和1GHz的處理器。 Int-learn教室可通過台式機,筆記本電腦或平板電腦進行訪問。您的设备必须至少有1GB的RAM和1GHz的处理器。 Int-learn教室可通过台式机,笔记本电脑或平板电脑进行访问。

integrated microphone or headphonese for online tutoring

Integrated microphone or headphones集成麥克風或耳機集成麦克风或耳机

You will need an integrated microphone or headphones with an attached microphone.您將需要一個集成麥克風或連接麥克風的耳機。您将需要一个集成麦克风或连接麦克风的耳机。

webcam for online tutoring

Webcam (optional)

During class, you may opt to turn on or off your webcam. You will be able to see your tutor, but you can always opt out of showing your face.

Cancellation Policy

We expect students to value their tutors’ time and only book class if they are sure they can commit the time to having class. That said, we realize that sometimes, unexpected things happen and classes have to be cancelled.

As a student, it is your duty to inform your tutor that you would like to cancel class at least 24 hours before the beginning of class. You can do this through going to your class calendar, selecting the class you would like to cancel, and following the process through the cancel class button. The cancelled class will be held in credit for you until you book a different time with the same tutor. An option will appear during checkout that will allow you to use the cancelled class credit to pay for your new class.

If you need to cancel class within 24 hours of the start of class, you can also do this through going to your class calendar, selecting the class you would like to cancel, and following the process through the cancel class button. However, if you do this, no class credit will be saved and you will have to pay for the class in full.

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