學歷:UC Berkeley
憑藉教學的熱情和專業知識,Tony具鼓勵性的教學風格,與學生建立了積極的互動關係。熱衷於幫助學生提高競爭力來使學生獲得理想的成績,多名學生透過Tony的幫助被美國及加拿大多所知名學校錄取。Tony是為學生準備SAT/ ACT/ TOEFL/ IELTS/ ISEE/ SSAT的專家,除教學和輔導外,也為AEI開發,編輯各種學術課程教材的老師之一。
With teaching enthusiasm and professional knowledge, Tony’s adopts a facilitator teaching style to establish positive and interactive relationships with his students. He relishes helping make his students more competitive applicants to their dream programs by helping them with the understanding of their exams. His students have been accepted to multiple prestigious schools in both the U.S. and Canada. He is a specialist in preparing students for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, ISEE, and SSAT. In addition to teaching and tutoring, Tony has developed, written proofed, and edited various academic course materials.