在決定申請哪所大學時,很多學生常常感到不知所措。學生應該以不定專業申請還是以特定的專業申請? 應該申請文理學院,公立還是私立學院呢? 學生還會質疑大學申請中不同元素的重要性:論文是最重要的元素嗎? 那GPA呢? 標準化考試成績? 課外活動? 我們遇到的問題是無止境的。 這一系列的專欄是關於大學的申請,將會揭穿一些「神話」,並為您提供實際的大學申請技巧,尤其是美國大學的申請。

今天,重點將放在 “錄取率高的高排名大學”。隨著大學申請季的臨近,學生們開始搜尋及研究不同大學的選擇,並將學校分類為「衝刺」(需要再努力),「目標」(基本可達到) 和「安全」(已達到) 學校。

在申請美國大學時,很多學生把目標落在著名的常春藤盟校,包括布朗大學、哥倫比亞大學、康奈爾大學、達特茅斯學院、哈佛大學、賓夕法尼亞大學、普林斯頓大學和耶魯大學等,這些難以捉摸的精英大學的錄取率通常在中到低的水平。 即使是很有才華及全面發展的高中生,也比較難進入這些頂尖的大學。

這引伸出一個問題:如何進入一所低錄取率的高排名大學?答案就是,更廣泛地檢視你的大學選項。 一般而言,學生和家長都著眼於最有名的學校。然而,一旦你開始擴大視野,並研究規模較小的大學以及特殊課程,你會發現比常春藤盟校更多的學校。

另外可考慮的選擇文理學院,它提供更全面的教育。還有另一種選擇就是替代大學,例如軍事學院。 最後,您可以考慮規模較小、但是與綜合大學保有長期關係、允許您跨校園上課的學校。

US College Applications Getting Into Highly Ranked Colleges with High Acceptance Rates
US College Application: Highly Ranked Colleges with High Acceptance Rates
When deciding on which colleges to apply to, many students are also often overwhelmed with the options. Should they apply as undeclared or to a specific major? Should they apply to liberal arts colleges, public or private colleges? Students also question the importance of different elements of a college application. Is the essay the most important element? What about my GPA? Standardized test scores? Extracurriculars? The questions we get are endless. This series on college applications will help debunk some myths and give you some tips for applying to colleges, especially in the US.

Today, the focus will be on identifying highly ranked colleges that have high acceptance rates. As college application season draws near, students are starting to look into different college options that are available to them, categorizing them into “reach”, “target”, and “safety” schools.

Moreover, when applying to US colleges, many students set their sights on the prestigious Ivy League schools, including Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. These ever elusive elite colleges often have acceptance rates ranging between low to mid-single digits. Even the most talented and well-rounded individuals among high school students would find it difficult to gain admission into one of these exclusive colleges.

So begs the question: how does one get into a highly ranked college that does not have such appallingly low acceptance rates? The answer is to look at a broader selection of colleges. Often, students and parents tend to focus on the most prestigious schools. However, once you start expanding your horizons and looking into smaller colleges and special programs, you will realize that there is a lot more out there than the Ivy League schools.

An option you may want to consider includes liberal arts colleges, offering a more well-rounded education. Yet another option is to consider alternative colleges such as military academies. And lastly, you may want to look into smaller colleges that have on-going relationships with larger colleges that allow you to take classes across campuses.
Written by Monica / Translate by Ceci , 2021/06/11