Grammar Yammer: Idioms with "From"


Idioms are one of those things that unfortunately have no rhyme or rhythm. It is something that many English speakers struggle with, as they just ARE the way that they are. The best way to study these is to read them over and over again, and try to incorporate them into daily use. 


Here is a list of idioms using the preposition "from" that are commonly used in the English language. 


- Abstain from as in "You should abstain from going out in the rain if you don't want the humidity to make your hair frizzy."


- Choose from as in "For dessert at the restaurant, Eric had to choose from three different items including tiramisu, panna cotta, and chocolate lava cake."


- Descend from as in "The airplane descended from the sky."


- Differ from as in "Italian pizza and American pizza differ from each other in many ways, but the most prominent difference is the amount of cheese added as a topping."


- Different from as in "The feeling of swimming in a saltwater pool is different from the feeling of swimming in a chlorine pool."


- Distinguish from as in "As Spanish is not my first language, I find it hard to distinguish a Colombian accent from a Chilean accent."


- Excuse from as in "Thomas was excused from jury duty as he had just turned 75 years old last month."


- Far from as in "The food in Thailand is far from bland, with an amalgamation of spices and herbs contributing to its flavors."


- Independent from as in "Although Australia was part of the British Empire prior to 1931, the Australian government is now independent from the British government."


- Move away from as in "After the family moved away from Vietnam to Canada, Bruce found it hard to adjust to the cold winters in Toronto."


- Prevent from as in "Despite the fact that you do not like Sally dating your brother, you cannot prevent them from seeing each other."


- Prohibit from as in "On beaches where shark attacks are known to happen, people are prohibited from swimming."


- Protect from as in "It is maternal instinct to protect your children from potential threats."


- Range from as in "His SAT students are a variety of different ages, ranging from 12 to 18 years old."


- Result from as in "Sam's success results from his hard work and dedication."


- Separate from as in "In order to remain professional, you should keep your private life separate from your professional life."



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